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Processors for NDT X-Ray Films




Colenta is a world leader in the design and manufacture of processing equipment for all types of sensitized film and paper materials used in the x-ray inspection, medical, photo and pre-press industries. 

The company manufactures a comprehensive range of Processors dedicated to the production of high quality NDT X-Ray Film image to meet all production requirements.  Their robust design, build quality and low maintenance requirements make them an ideal choice for use in this very specialized market.

Their range of NDT processors includes:

  • INDX37 NDT Dryer - for manual processing
  • INDX 900 NDT X-Ray Film Processor (for low volume film throughput)
  • INDX 37 2.0b NDT - for medium film volume
  • INDX 43/3MW & INDX 43/5MW NDT Film Processor (for medium and high volume film throughput)
  • INDX 43/55 for high film volume



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