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Telecommunications Division
Wireless Communications
Microwave Communications
Microwave Communications
Tektraco can provide you with carrier-grade microwave equipment offering high capacity broadband wireless systems according to your requirements. Voice, Video and Data needs are growing at a phenomenal rate and this growth can increase demand on your existing network. Microwave communication allows your network to meet the required demand by offering high speed, high capacity solutions. These will allow you to rapidly expand and augment your network to support full feature applications such as data as well as IPTV.
Wi-fi Hotspots

Tektraco provides Hotspot Systems primarily to hotels, cafés, restaurants and pubs, camp sites, business parks and tourist information centres. Our business was established in 1990 and has a team with substantial experience in the telecoms and wireless sector.

We can take complete care of your WiFi system - from site survey & design stage, followed by complete installation, to hotspot monitoring, customer payments, and technical support. Give your customers a professional, reliable and secure service, and they will come back time after time.

The company supplies a variety of hardware brands to suit the customer's technical requirements and budget.

HF Communications
HF Communications
Tektraco offers a wide range of HF systems for both broadcast and communications applications.  The HF systems available can be configured in different configurations and power handling capacities – allowing a flexible deployment. We can supply prefabricated systems to minimize installation costs. Our HF systems are made with durable materials to minimize maintenance, thus providing the lowest total cost of ownership and the best value for money.