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Palintest is the world-leading manufacturer of water testing and environmental products for water quality, drinking water, and swimming pool testing.

Palintest produces a core product range of pre-packaged analytical tests and the respective instruments for water analysis based on methods approved and accepted worldwide.

There are a range of technologies suitable for different applications:

 Comparator methods for basic field tests
 Photometer methods for accurate monitoring of critical systems
 Tubetests - liquid reagents for effluent analysis
 Tablet/Drop count kits for industrial applications
 New Chemical Sensor Technology for heavy metals and new   Techniques.

 Apart from these tests the company has a comprehensive range of both single and multi parameter photometers.

Palintest sells to a very wide range of users around the world, with half its business outside the UK. Water companies use the company’s products for monitoring the quality of drinking water, and to monitor sewerage works and effluent streams. Industries of all types use this equipment for testing process waters, boiler water testing, and for effluent analysis.

Palintest is the only European manufacturer with US EPA approval for its methods.
Lab Division