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Tektraco completes its first project in Tanzania ...

This project, handled by the company's Medical Gases Division, presented a series of challenges arising from the remoteness of the hospital, far away from any big towns or villages.

makiungu hospitalSupply of Medical Oxygen

The objective therefore was to provide a self sufficient and uninterrupted supply of oxygen generated by a PSA Oxygen Concentrator and backed by a Standby Oxygen Gas Cylinder Manifold, to cover up for any power cuts, long distance transport delays and routine servicing.

In January 2011 Tektraco sent a team of Medical Gas installation specialists to the remote town of Makiungu in Tanzania in order to design an Oxygen Piped System in line with the latest standards, capable of supplying all the wards and operating theatres of this remote hospital, catering for a population of around 400,000.

plant room


The Plant Room which was purposely designed to house the Oxygen Concentrator together with the standby manifold and associated cylinders was erected within a few months and the installation commenced in July 2011.

Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Within six weeks of commencement;

  • all the pipework was installed
  • the Oxygen Concentrator was up and running
  • and the whole system was also commissioned.

concentratorMoreover, a certified Medical Gases Quality Control Chemist tested and certified the purity of the Medical Oxygen reaching the patient's outlets.

Finally, training sessions for local technical staff were also performed in order that they can takeover the running and upkeep of the system.



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