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New Oncology Hospital in Malta

Tektraco’s Medical Division was awarded with the supply and installation of the medical gas system and bedhead units for the New Oncology Hospital, right next to Mater Dei Hospital. Tektraco is currently carrying out the installation of the distribution pipework.

The Department of Oncology at Sir Paul Boffa Hospital is to-date the only facility in Malta providing radiotherapy treatment to patients. The new Oncology Hospital shall eventually replace the existing Sir Paul Boffa Hospital. This facility has been designed as a contemporary oncology facility offering advanced treatment propositions within a comprehensive care setting.

oncology hospital

This new development shall cover a footprint of approximately 6,000 sq. metres and a floor area of approximately 23,000 sq. metres. The Centre shall have 82 specialised inpatient oncology beds. The Centre will also have 31 day care beds.

The New Oncology Hospital will intrinsically be an extension to the existing Mater Dei Hospital and the main oxygen and medical air supply units are being supplied from the existing Mater Dei medical gas installation, which was also installed some years ago by Tektraco.

The project was divided into three phases - Phase 1 involved the bulk excavations and other advanced works; Phase 2 involved the construction of radiotherapy bunkers; and Phase 3 the build and finishing of the main hospital structure.  The project is currently in Phase 3. 

In the Medical Engineering field, Tektraco is a specialist in Medical Gas Plants and the associated piped networks.  Our specialised staff design the system, procure and install all plants and pipework and also perform the rigid tests associated with the medical field.  Our company is also capable of providing service and maintenance of equipment installed.  In Malta the company is considered to be the leader in this field as it has executed practically all medical gas installation projects since 1990.  Our company has also executed some projects in the Libyan market.

To find out what our Medical Division has been doing during these last 23 years please click here to view a short presentation.

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