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Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) for metal analysis

In the Optical Emission Spectroscopy technique, atoms in a sample are excited by energy that comes from a spark formed between sample and electrode.

The energy of the spark causes the electrons in the sample to emit light which is converted into a spectral pattern. By measuring the intensity of the peaks in this spectrum, Oxford Instruments’ OES analysers can produce qualitative and quantitative metal analysis of the material composition with uncompromising accuracy.


Oxford Instruments’ OES instruments offer:

  • High accuracy analysis of elements down to ppm level
  • Truly portable (PMI Master Smart), can be taken to where the samples are
  • Ultimate performance on light alloys and trace elements
  • Titanium alloys (Al), Cu alloys (light elements), Aluminium alloys (grading, traces, light elements)
  • Precise analyse for elements like C, P, S and even Nitrogen (for Duplex steels)
  • OES is the only method capable to separate L- from H-grades

Oxford Instruments' product range includes:

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