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SA1100 Scanning Analyzer - Test for Lead and Copper in Water

sa1100The new SA1100 Scanning Analyzer represents a step forward in testing for lead and copper in water. The instrument uses a unique system to greatly simplify the heavy metal testing process. 

New sensor technology developed by Palintest means that thorough testing can be carried out on-site and in very little time - less than 60 seconds for most samples, and only 3 minutes for drinking water.


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The Complete Soil Kit

soil kitThe Complete Soil Analysis Kit is a comprehensive outfit suitable for both laboratory and field use. This kit features the new Soil Test 10 photometer, giving excellent accuracy in a field instrument. This kit also contains pocket meters for the measurement of pH and soil conductivity.

The kit enables a full evaluation of soil to be carried out at a fraction of the cost and time of laboratory analysis. The Complete Soil Kit outfit is supplied in a hard case to protect components & instruments and a separate shoulder case for reagents. In addition, there are sufficient extraction and reagent tablets for 50 each of the specified tests.

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New TD-500D - No-Solvent Oil-in-Water Analysis Method

td 500dTurner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments has developed a revolutionary Bench-top method to measure oil-in-water that uses NO-SOLVENT!!! 

The advantages are significant in that they have eliminated the health and safety hazards of transporting, handling and disposing of solvents commonly used in the field for oil-in-water analysis. 

Along with safety, the method eliminates operator error associated with precision liquid measurements during the analysis process. 

This new method is designed to be compatible with the TD-500D hand held oil-in-water analyzer.  It is a robust method using a simple surfactant instead of solvent, with unprecedented accuracy and repeatability.



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