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Lab News Nov/Dec 2010


DMADensity Meters: DMA Generation M

The DMA 5000 M is the most accurate density meter on the market and is ideal for numerous fields of application and successful continuous operation in the laboratory.

Be sure of your results

  • Fast, reliable measurement results at the highest accuracy (up to 0.000005 g/cm³)
  • Only 1 mL of sample required
  • Preset measuring methods for different applications
  • Integrated conversion tables for simple density and concentration measurement
  • Different user functions applicable: tables, polynomials and formulas


  • Detects filling errors and gas bubbles in the sample
  • Generates and records filling warnings


TD 500TD-500D Hand Held Oil in Water Analyser

Oil Spill Detection Kits Now Available

Using the industry standard TD-500D hand held oil in water analyser!

  • Uses Industry Standard TD-500D Hand Held Oil in Water Analyzer!
  • Sensitive to Crude Oil in Sea Water to 1 ppm or below!
  • Uses standard No-Solvent procedure with no heating!
  • Simple 3 step GO-NO-GO procedure in 2 minutes!
  • No solvents required!
  • Use on water or oil contaminated soils!
  • Easy clean up, no hazardous waste!

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 QuEchERSQ-sep™ QuEChERS Extraction Salts

Fast, Simple Sample Prep for Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis 

  • Salt packets eliminate the need for a second empty tube to transfer salts.
  • Go green by using packets with reusable tubes.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Ready-to-use tubes, no glassware required.
  • Preweighed, ultra-pure sorbents.
  • Support AOAC (2007.01) and European (EN 15662) QuEChERS methods

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