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TEKTRACO launched its brand new website!

TEKTRACO has recently launched its brand new website.

Leading company TEKTRACO Ltd. recently launched a brand new website to provide a better experience to all.

The need of a new revamped website had long been felt and Tektraco embarked on this project with a lot of enthusiasm.  The result is that through its new website Tektraco is now able to offer users updated information about its products and services.

There are several new features that have been introduced into the new design.

The layout and access to the various areas within the site have been made as easy and attractive as possible, to encourage visitors to remain within the site. This is complimented by a powerful search feature that can take users to any part of the website.

The News items will provide the latest information about activities being organised in the company, changes in organisation, indeed any major item of interest.

There are now more and more details on case studies, and past projects undertaken successfully by Tektraco.  This is intended to give visitors a true ‘feel’ for the nature of Tektraco.  Of course only highlights have been included, in the interest of space conservation, and ease of navigation through the site.

This website will be evolving. Planned improvements include registration system for our divisional newsletters, the possibility of purchasing or ordering equipment online, and further interesting enhancements.

Tektraco is convinced that through this website, the company is now providing more useful and up-to date information.  Any comments or suggestions would be very welcome.

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