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NDT/Materialography News Feb/Mar 2010



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Elcometer 208 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

... capable of measuring material thickness whilst eliminating the thickness of coating

208The Elcometer Model 208 and 208DL are simple to use hand-held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges with the capability to measure material thickness whilst eliminating the thickness of the coating (on metal substrates only).
  • Ignores the coating thickness
  • Hand-held and robust
  • Data output
  • Backlight display
  • ElcoMaster™ and EDTS Excel link software supplied free of charge with 208DL for report generation and archiving.

Contact us should you need to calibrate or repair your existing Elcometer equipment.


OES (Optical Emission Spectrometer) or XRF (X-Ray Florescence)?  

... Which technique is more suitable for you?

The following table highlights some key features of XRF and OES instruments which can help you understand better which technique is suitable for your specific application.


X-MET5000 - Hand-held XRF analyzer for demanding elemental analysis

xmetEngineered for high performance and reliability, this hand-held XRF Analyser combines Oxford Instruments' patented PentaPIN® detector technology offering guaranteed fast analysis and lower limits of detection for all elements of interest.

The X-MET5000 XRF hand-held analyzer is built for the most demanding quality control applications:

scrap metal analysis & sorting - analysis of metals for PMI - consumer products for RoHS screening - lead in toys - compliance testing - ore exploration in mining processes - heavy metals monitoring in soils.

Silicon Drift Detector technology improves your productivity saving you money!


PMI Master Pro OES Mobile Spectrometer for on-site Analyzing

The PMI-MASTER PRO is a robust mobile optical emission spectrometer for the precise analysis and material identification of different metals. The measurement is performed by an "easy to handle" pistol. The material grade and chemical composition appears in only a few seconds on the integrated touch screen display. 

The main features of the PMI Master include; 
•  Main unit with 24V operation voltage (safety!)
•  8 hours cordless operation with 400 burns
•  Light ergonomic sample probe for arc & spark
•  Simple operation by unskilled persons
•  Newest technology like CCD, DSP and WIN-XP
•  14" touch-screen
•  C, P & S determination

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