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mPULSE Portable Scrap Metal Analyser

mPulse™ is a hand-held portable scrap metal analyser. It features rapid 1 second sorting and is free from the regulatory constraints usually associated with x-ray systems. mPulse is easy to use and allows you to sort faster, making light work of metal grading and sorting.

Watch the following video giving a brief introduction on the mPulse scrap metal analyser.

The world's fastest scrap metal analyser has been designed to allow you to quickly, simply and reliably identify scrap or recycled metal and determine its value, minimising your time and maximising your profits.

mPulse utilises a technology known as Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometry (LIBS) and is considered a non-destructive metals analysis technique.

The mPulse handheld analyser can be used to test large or small samples including turnings and granules. The laser scans the surface of the sample and will ‘bounce’ repeatedly across tiny samples to optimise the analysis. Samples can be held where convenient because the laser is microscopic, non-penetrating and cannot be felt. mPulse is a ‘surface analyser’ so test pieces should be clean but no specific sample preparation is normally needed.  Anodized surfaces will usually be penetrated by the laser.

Operation is incredibly simple, the only button on the mPulse is the trigger which is also used to power-up the instrument.

  • Rapid analysis time – only 1 second!
  • Simple point-and-shoot operation
  • Wide range of metals
  • Any sample size or type

The nose of the mPulse is placed against the sample and the trigger held until the result is displayed. Point. Click. Result!

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