Telecoms, Labs and Medical.
Corporate Profile
Tektraco’s marketing efforts focus on two specific countries – MALTA and LIBYA.  The island’s proximity to North Africa, the ease of travel to Libya and the very good relations existing between the two countries were all advantages which helped in no small way in building its business in these two markets.  As a result of Tektraco’s professional approach to business the company now enjoys a very good reputation amongst its several clients both in the Public and Private sectors.

Once the company had established itself firmly in Libya its next natural step was to set up an operation in country.  In the early days of the year 2000 the company engaged its first local personnel in order to enhance its growing operation.

A few years later Tektraco registered a ‘Branch in Libya’ and established its first office in Borge Al-Fatah Towers in Tripoli.  As a result of its expansion programme and increase in personnel, the Branch office moved to bigger premises, which include the facilities for setting up in-house ‘product and project presentations’, ‘demonstrations’ and specialised courses.