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Lab Division
Tektraco is a firm believer in the ‘maintenance’ aspect of equipment, and more so when in most instances the cost of such a service is insignificant when compared to the loss of revenue due to instrument failure or when decisions depend on specific results being presented on time.

The company provides:


On Request Maintenance
 Tektraco’s on site ‘instrument engineers’ perform ‘on request maintenance’ and ‘repair’ services on instruments which have been supplied by the company. Following an on-call request, an initial survey is performed in order to assess the nature of the fault. A report is subsequently drawn up, inclusive of recommendations, spares required and costs involved. Depending on the nature of the fault, the instrument is repaired either on site or at the manufacturers’.

Preventive Maintenance
 Preventive maintenance is a highly recommended service by all manufacturers and is invariably performed in accordance with preset schedules. This service is provided by Tektraco’s engineers and consists in a number of yearly scheduled visits to Labs in order to check and report on the proper performance of the instrument.
 Yearly agreements are normally drawn-up to provide this specific service.
Lab Division