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Lab Division

Tektraco's Lab and Environmental Division has teamed up with international reputable companies having years of experience in the ecological and environmental fields, and together with its own professional team of experts is now offering a number of services, also in Libya.

Environmental Assessments                    
 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process through which it is possible to predict, analyze and interpret significant environmental impacts of a proposed development.  It is a tool to achieve environmentally sound and sustainable development proposals, activities and programmes.

Tektraco has an established number of experts within the various fields which are capable of providing such environmental statements.



Environmental Surveys

iconsmall  Ecology Surveys

 iconsmall  Terrestrial and Marine Surveys
 iconsmall  Hydrology Surveys
 iconsmall  Air Quality Surveys
 iconsmall  Agriculture Surveys & Soil Testing
 iconsmall  Geo-Environmental Surveys
 iconsmall  Social Surveys
 iconsmall  Land Contamination Surveys

 iconEnvironmental Plans
 icon  Environmental Management Plans
 icon  Waste Management Plans
 icon  Landscaping Plans
 icon  Restoration Plans
 icon  Biodiversity Management and Action Plans
 icon  Site Remediation


Lab Division