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Lab Division
 coursesTektraco conducts a series of ‘specialised courses’ both in its own in-house facilities as well as at its clients premises.  These courses cover a  wide range of topics related to laboratory instrumentation, product analysis and lab safety aspects.  Course duration can range from one to two weeks and certificates of attendance are distributed to participants at the end of each course.  A list of courses is given hereunder.
Information on the ‘course contents’, ‘number of participants’ per course and ‘costs’ can be obtained either through e-mail or by contacting directly Tektraco’s offices in TRIPOLI.
Courses offered:



Gas Analysis and TOC

Analysis of Gases

Sampling of Water and Soil

Microbiology Analysis of Water

Waste Management and Safety

Technical Requirements of ISO 17025

Safety in Handling and Dealing with Chemicals

The language used in these courses is either ARABIC or ENGLISH.


Yet another service offered by Tektraco is that of ‘consultancy’. This service is offered to existing and new laboratories and includes:

 Design and lab layouts
 Site surveys and design of services
 Advise regarding bench top materials, flooring and safety gear

as well as professional advise with respect to:

 Analytical instruments best suited for specific analysis
 General labware, chemicals, glassware, etc.
 Equipment maintenance and storage systems.
This service is given by the company’s ‘Product Specialists’ in collaboration with its principals.
Lab Division